Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Perhaps to illustrate my OP I have included an animated gif of a small section from a ISO800 image shot in RAW + JPG Standard NR-2 SH-2 and then as described..

  1. Original OOTC JPG
  2. SILKYPIX Dev Studio PRO 5 Exported JPG from the same RAW file using software defaults only.
  3. LR4.3 Exported JPG from the same RAW file using software defaults.

This is not to make an argument supporting Silkypix v ACR LR or any other such nonsense, they are simply tools with different uses and different outcomes.

The manual that comes with SILKYPIX Dev Studio PRO 5 is superior to the 3.1 manual that came with the camera. Yes, some of the translations are still 'iffy' but it is clear there are several authors and many sections especially technical techniques are well written and explained, of course just to make it interesting there are parts where you have to do a double if not triple take to work out what they are trying to explain.

If there anyone is interested in a mutual help discussion area for Panasonic and Silkypix then PM me, I'll set up a simple free forum (no advertising or other such stuff) to facilitate this.

Kind Regards

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