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So what did Canon leave out in the T4i warm-over that you would like addressed in the T5i? Put thoughts here.

While there's no doubt about the fact that we'd like even more new stuff in the next model, I think 'warm-over' is a serious understatement of what Canon delivered in the T4i.

That is for sure. Six months of hindsight has certainly borne your statement out. In fact, IMHO it is THE pivotal body in the Rebel DSLR line to date, no BS.


To me, the 650d is not the pivotal point in the rebel line. The xxD bodies had the 20d as it's pivotal point that really moved that line way ahead and became the standard for all future xxD and how competitors should spec their own bodies. As far as the xxxD line, it has always been modest upgrades, and nothing game changing. The 650d is not doing anything that the other brands are not doing, and maybe even doing much better. That is why I don't think it is pivotal model.

The 650d is the maturity or the mature product of the rebel line. Short of fast CD-AF (vis-a-vis it's competitors), it's pretty much will beat the 20d, 30d's of the past, maybe even the 40d as well, save for build, and maybe shutter lag.

This is does not mean that the 650d is a weak camera. It is an excellent camera, especially if you belong to the Canon camp with lots of good lenses and accessories. For the 700d to be "pivotal", it must not just be a "me-too" dslr vs its competitors. The problem with Canon is its sensor development is a bit lagging. If they have anything in their R&D labs, they better bring it out soon. They better hurry up in their CD-AF too, because that is killing them completely. The poor AF of the EOS-M is not a purposely crippled effort. Sad to say, that's the best they can do at that point in time. So, they better burn the R&D midnight oil and have a more decent CD-AF in the 700d (and later on the eos-M mk2).

If they can get those 2 things in control in the 700d, the other stuff they put there is not much of an effort. GPS, wi-fi, more responsive touch screen with a higher rez, etc. Still, that is not something that the competitor is not doing. Clearly as the DSLR has matured overall. It would take a foveon-like sensor without the catch and weakness of the foveon for things to really get stirred up. I think we are still 4-5 years down the road for that kind of sensor coming from Canon or Sony.

I think the 700d is going to be an incremental and likely a conservative upgrade as usual. Nothing wrong with incremental. Innovations need not be revolutionary all the time to be a game changer. Sony and Nikon's new sensors are incremental innovations, but they are garnering the approval of many and swaying decisions of buying in their favor. Foveon is revolutionary but it's stuck where it is since it started.

I am stuck with the 20d and a 400d, so, even a 600d is a big leap for me. So, whatever the 750d is going to be is still a big leap for me. But clearly, they have to solve that slow CD-AF and improve their dynamic range and low light performance. If we say "pivotal" it must not be just in the context of Canon vs Canon. It must be in the context of what its competitors are doing as well.

And they must start taking mirrorless seriously. Problem is, they have to solve that CD-AF pronto. And they better start not dumbing down features of their eos-M series.

The DSLR line, regardless of price segments has matured. There's really not much difference if  you are just 1 or 2 models old. The room for growth is really in the MILC.

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