Crescent Photos - Points to consider

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Re: Crescent Photos - Points to consider

Thanks for your tips, EXX

EXX wrote:

A few tips:

  • Take the picture on a clear night. Dust in the sky can blur things a lot.
    I think its clear enough. I think.
  • Do not take a shot from inside the house through an open windows, specially when it is cold outside. You will have air turbulence due to the warmer air inside the house. Go outside.
    Nope, did it outside. I actually never thought that people would take pictures of the moon from inside..
  • Use a good tripod to reduce shake. Do not forget to disable any image stabilizing system because of the tripod. 
    Yep yep 
  • Fire the shot using the self timer, again to reduce shake.
    Yep used the 10s to make sure that camera shake isnt an issue 
  • Set the ISO as low as possible, eg. ISO100
    Now this one i believe i set it more than 100. My reasoning was that it'll increase the amount of time the shutter needs to be open
  • Set the arpeture on f/8 or f/11
  • Set the shutter speed to a decent exposure. With ISO100 and f/11, you should have something like 1/100 sec.
    okay i get you
  • Set all parameters manual: do not rely on the metering of the camera.
  • If you can, focus manually. You can set the focus to infinity. Beware: some lenses allow to focus beyond infinity.
    i did focus manually. It's not focused at infinity though. just a bit before infinity

Thanks ARShutterbug

ARShutterbug wrote:

Did you...

Check your focus manually?

Auto-focus with the One Shot mode?

Use a tripod?
Of course!

Use Mirror Lock Up?

Consider increasing your exposure by 1/2 of a stop?
Nope. Can you explain your logic please?

Use a fast exposure time? (1/50 as shown by DPR is slow)
My priority was on aperture - so at f/11, the exposure was 1/50s to get it sufficiently bright

Consider the f/6.8 Diffraction Limited Aperture of your camera?
Okay, here's the thing - i read up on cambridgeincolour and learnt that my DLA is somewhere around f/16. So my thinking at the time is to get as close to it as possible in order to get a larger dof. But now i checked again at a different website, and it does say the DLA is f/6.8. Looks like im gonna have to try again.

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