RX100 ISO performance vs NEX & Entry level DSLR

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Re: RX100 ISO performance vs NEX & Entry level DSLR

I did a similar comparison between the NEX and the RX100 before I bought my RX100. At the wide end the lens on the RX100 lets thru 3.3 times more light than the NEX with the kit lens does. So ISO 400 on the RX100 with equal to roughly ISO 1320 on the NEX. I compared the two images using RAW samples I've downloaded from dpreview and guess what : The RX100 wins, it has less noise. So, if you own just the kit lens it would be wise to buy the RX100. It's lot smaller and produces better pictures.  The only downside is the battery life is lower on the RX100. They say it does 330 images but I manage to get 430-450 without using flash and recording video (shooting JPEG, If you shoot RAW the battery life drops to a 250 images)
I hope this helped you.

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