Nikon UK position on the D600 dust issue

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Re: what else can support people say???

antoineb wrote:

MariusMM wrote:

Just had a chat with Nikon UK customer support:

Fergus: Hi, my name is Fergus. How may I help you?

Marius: Hello does Nikon already have a permanent fix for oil/dust on the sensor and scratches on mirror box for D600?

Fergus: Nikon are aware of a small number of cases of dust on the sensor of the D600 being reported to us.

Fergus: We are looking into this issue at present.

Fergus: Is there anything else I can help you with Marius?

Marius: ok thank you, any chance you know when it might be fixed? then i will send my camera

Marius: in 1-2 months?

Fergus: If you have any issues with anything on your sensor, you can send it into us for examination.

Fergus: I'll send you an email with details of where you can send the camera to us for examination.

Marius: i wont send my camera just get sensor cleaned

Marius: but if there is still no fix for oil/dust on the sensor i will wait

Fergus: OK Marius. If an issue with the D600 is revealed, Nikon will post the details to our website.

Fergus: If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you for your chat with Nikon Support.

Marius: Nikon will not acknowledge this issue so please don lie

Telephone support people are just that - they are people paid (not much!) to help customers, based on information available in a database they have under their fingers.

They are NOT the people who decide Nikon strategy. They do NOT receive special insider information from Nikon executives, or Nikon labs, etc.

So what CAN the poor guy tell you? If YOU actually own a D600, and you DO have a sensor dust problem, then all the poor guy can do, is offer to help you to get that sensor cleaned.

There is NO WAY the poor guy can have any information about whether there actually is a real statistically significant "issue" with sensor dust on the D600. There is no way the poor guy can guess if, or when, a special solution might be brought to fix that purported issue - if or when there is, his management will let him know.

And if you do NOT own a D600, then sorry the poor guy cannot help you with anything.

I think DSLRs are a sorry heritage from the past. They WILL gather dust on their sensors, or possibly produce some internal dust. If people don't like that, they should stick with fixed-lens cameras, say the Sony RX100.

I know that is his job, i'm not blaming him, but blaming Nikon for their lack of good customer support, and acknowledge of the problem, if they acknowledge that this is their foult and so on, i do understand that these thing tend to happen, but thats the thing they dont acknowledge these problem, and thats why my trust with Nikon is getting lower and lower.

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