Nikon UK position on the D600 dust issue

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Re: Rather arrogant

Just had a chat with Nikon UK customer support:

Fergus: Hi, my name is Fergus. How may I help you?

Marius: Hello does Nikon already have a permanent fix for oil/dust on the sensor and scratches on mirror box for D600?

Fergus: Nikon are aware of a small number of cases of dust on the sensor of the D600 being reported to us.

Fergus: We are looking into this issue at present.

Fergus: Is there anything else I can help you with Marius?

Marius: ok thank you, any chance you know when it might be fixed? then i will send my camera

Marius: in 1-2 months?

Fergus: If you have any issues with anything on your sensor, you can send it into us for examination.

Fergus: I'll send you an email with details of where you can send the camera to us for examination.

Marius: i wont send my camera just get sensor cleaned

Marius: but if there is still no fix for oil/dust on the sensor i will wait

Fergus: OK Marius. If an issue with the D600 is revealed, Nikon will post the details to our website.

Fergus: If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.  Thank you for your chat with Nikon Support.

Marius: Nikon will not acknowledge this issue so please don lie

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