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Re: Because its easier to make a wide angle without mirror clearance

Indeed. Too bad that you lose the bokeh and the capacity to isolate subject from background when you go Micro 4/3...too bad Nikon went to an even smaller sensor and the issues I mentioned are even worse there.

This leaves only Sony, Canon and Samsung (bleah) left, as only they have mirrorless DX cameras.

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Onabeach wrote:

I'm still puzzled as to why there are so many wide angle primes in the m43s market, even though the crop factor is even higher then DX.

The big problem with DX wide angles is not the crop factor, but the fact that DX lenses require the same mirror clearance as FX lenses. You can't have any glass closer than about 40mm from the sensor or else the reflex mirror will hit it. Big no-no.

Well, as you might appreciate, it's hard to make a 10mm focal length lens that's 40mm from where it's focusing. Any such lens is going to be big and expensive because it's going to comprise a 50mm lens (to reach the sensor from far away) and a wide converter in front of it. By the time you've put all this glass in you might as well have it move around so it can zoom. That way you can sell more units.

Micro 4/3 doesn't have this problem. You can have glass right up to the sensor (OK, you need to clear the filters and shutter too but that's only a few mm). This makes the lens design more straightforward and allows the design and manufacture of simple wide angle primes.

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