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Don't know what settings you used and probably you like a very hard contrast setting, but I think the HS30 can do much better. Have you tried Kim's "golden award winning" setting for EXR sensors?

... Yes, I like a contrasty look and that is more from the post process than from the 'as shot' image.

I was probably one of the first to own an EXR camera and I am quite familiar with all the settings tricks.

Look up some of my old F200 EXR posts for the dozens of settings experiments I did. Just haven't got that far down the road with the HS30 EXR as yet.

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Boats photographed with the HS30 using the "golden award winning " settings look much more realistic.

SOOC, that is no post processing


I use Kims settings as well but much of the difference between your images and Lloydys can be explained by the very low contrast (presumably) British winter light that is typical of latitudes far from the equator.

In NZ like in Thailand, sunlight is much harsher and contrast much greater. In those conditions I find EXR cameras to be a lifesaver compared to most other cameras I have tried because the blown highlights problem goes away without needing to underexpose the image, which degrades IQ with small sensors.

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Yes, there is a huge difference between soft winter light  over here (The Netherlands) and the harsh sunlight in those countries. Nevertheless it is possible to reduce that harsh contrast, by minus EV setting for instance, contrast low setting or focussing on the darker parts of the frame. In that way it is possible in that kind of light to make the face of that fisherman with the yellow crate filled with ice look recognisable. EXR is specially designed for those situations and deliberate not using these possibilities is putting the camera down so the moderator Paul UK, Mr. Labe can say: dump the HS30 and come into heaven with the X. It's a shame.


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