6D lens setup dilemma

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Re: 6D lens setup dilemma

Japan has amazing photo opportunities and I'm excited for your!

I've only used briefly a friend's Sigma 50 1.4. So this opinion is mainly based on my readings and research over the internet. Not a very sophisticated response but this is my opinion

50mm should get some very interesting shots in Japan. So much is happening everywhere I don't think anything wider would be suitable (if only one focal length is allowed to be chosen). Someone mentioned Sigma 30 1.4 above, I have the lens and really can't recommend its build quailty and focus speed (the Sigma does have HSM focus motor but it still felt indecisive and slower than the USM motor in my Canon). On the other hand, Sigma's new 35 1.4 looks much much more promising in terms of build. Initial comments seem to suggest the Sigma 35 1.4 image quality ups the standard beating the Canon 35 1.4 (with price taken into consideration) so that may be a consideration if you do think of going wider.

Bokeh on the Sigma 1.4's including the 50mm are really nice as you've pointed out, better than the Canon 50 1.4 in my opinion. But then the Canon would (I assume, as I have not used it) have faster focusing and feel better in the hand. Bokeh is important but I personally cannot live with the Sigma focusing and lens build material on an everyday lens. And you'll also need to hope you get a good copy, though focusing wouldn't be as much an issue with microadjust on the 6D.

As to the Canon 50 1.2, softer image all round but that might as well be the 'style' of the photos it takes. Bokeh is an incremental step up from Sigma but build quality I would imagine to be significantly better. For super sharp images I'd be going to Leica, so by using a Canon, I wouldn't mind the little softness and take the 50 1.2 for even creamier bokeh if I have the budget. Even if only because I get the gobsmackingly large f/1.2 aperture.

Someone commented about buying the gear in Japan. Not sure if you've had experience travelling to Japan and not sure where you are located at the moment but shopping for camera gear in Japan is NOT cheap. I tried my luck once in the equivalent camera megastore in Osaka as well as looking for the smaller second hand shops and the prices were equal that of Australia and much more than Hong Kong. That said, the store is amazing in its shear size and variety of items stocked and out on display for you to fiddle around and play with. It might as well be a sight unto itself.

Edit: if a goal for dreamy creamy bokeh with the resolution, ignoring build quality and focusing speed, then the Sigma But personally the 'feel' when holding the lens and being able to focus reliably are also important criteria and so I'd go Canon 1.4 (and 1.2 if I had the budget).

Hope you enjoy the trip!

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