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Mikedigi wrote:

harry cannoli wrote:

Demosiacing engine is quite good, look at the bricks. This is an old building, even up close, brickface is worn, and the perspective correction I did probably took it's toll as well. IMO, the included version of SilkyPix is more than fine. No real need to upgrade.

Did you use the default settings of the "included" Silkypix, or are you one of those wizards who can actually understand what Silkypix is on about?

I've been shooting RAW for as long as I can remember. I didn't use SilkyPix defaults. I changed the color mode from Standard to Film Mode One, set the black point where I wanted it, corrected color bias, changed output to AdobeRGB, lowered exposure by -1/3 stop using histogram as a guide, decreased saturation a tad, applied lens correction, ran a gentle pass of noise reduction. Typing this took more time than actually doing it. I would rather do certain things in RAW, if I can. SilkyPix pretty much lets me do things the way I'm used to doing them.

Have you compared, e.g., 1600 ISO JPEGS with 1600 ISO Silkypix attempts?

Yes. The demosaicing engine in SilkyPix is better than the demosaicing engine in the camera, there's more detail in RAW converted images.

Besides that, I can't really answer your question. When I shoot jpeg, the camera does all the work. When I shoot RAW, I do all the work. Defining that suggests that the comparison would be between the camera's ability to process an image compared to my ability.

Shooting RAW, I can get exactly the look I want because I'm at the controls. The camera can come very close to what I want, but I like doing the grunt work myself.

If for no other reason than the demosiacing engine in SilkyPix, I would think a converted tiff, using silkypix defaults, would probably look better than what the camera can do.

Don't get me wrong. The camera does an extraordinary job of making jpegs. I have a ton of LX7 jpegs on my website, sitting right next to DSLR images. It's impossible to tell what camera shot what image. That's how good LX7 jpegs are.


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