Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Functionality wise, this is the best one

DFPanno wrote:

Yes I have the tube!

Is the adaptor you linked to the best of its kind?


All these adapters are just a metal ring with the correct mounts. The ones without focus confirmation chip are cheapest. The ones with focus confirmation chip will let the camera beep, and show the focus green dot in the view finder, when the AF module sees "focus" when you manual focus.

The cheaper AF confirmation ones tell the camera they are a 50mm f1.4 lens or something, and 50mm and f1.4 will be in the EXIF data.

The EMF chips allow you to change the f-value and focal length, to show in EXIF. Also allow the camera to let the lens have its own AF micro adjust settings, I believe.

Then there is this V5 chip, which does something neat: It tells the camera you are using an AF lens in AF mode, even though you are using an MF lens. What that means is that you get trap focus. The camera will only fire a shot when the AF point you have selected comes into focus.

This is very neat, but can be a problem too. But by separating AF and shutter functionality to two separate buttons on the camera, you bypass the trap focus.

This then is the most complete Nikon F-mount pre-Ai (your lens) or Ai(-S) or AF-D lens adapter for EF mount.

If you were to have a Nikon lens without aperture ring ("G"), you would need one that can change the aperture of the lens mechanically too:


But since you have a pre-Ai lens, that one is not suited for you.

I am willing to invest in a good one.

Some extra info:

With these non-EF MF lenses you have to close the aperture yourself. This means a 2-step procedure: You focus wide open (so it is easier for you to judge the focus in the view finder, and/or the AF sensor can detect "in-focus" and beep. Then you close the aperture via the aperture ring to the desired aperture which will close down the aperture, and then you take the shot.

With trap focus, you can not do this 2-step procedure, as the shutter will trigger the moment focus is reached. You can close down the aperture with your 5D mk III probably to f8 for the center point and still have trap focus triggering. The other AF points you will have to find out yourself, but at least f5.6 may still work with all.

As I said above, you can defeat the trap focus of this adapter, by separating AF and shutter on the camera. Or you can get a cheaper adapter, without trap focus.

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