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Re: your real estate pics

Glen78 wrote:

Just out of curiosity, is exposure stacking the same thing as HDR? I have done some limited tests with HDR although I don't want to make the images look too unnatural. I may consider it for some specific interior shots though where I really want to see both the interior scene and the view out the exterior.

Yes- that's right, it is pretty much a manual hdr. The common method is to take a base or correct exposure (as close to correct as possible), then shoot a few extra shots to expose the dark areas etc. You could bracket these shots if you knew what the base exposure had to be, but that is often trial and error. Same iso, same aperture etc, just changing shutter speed to control the light. Obviously a tripod is required.

Then, in your software of choice (photoshop is mine), you stack all the images and mask in carefully the  areas of lighter exposure taking care to blend the areas between the two exposures, ie: the transition should be smooth from one to the other.

This is not a tutorial, but a good video interview with a very good arch. photographer in Australia, Shanon Mcgrath.


Some other names to look at for arch. photography (all in australia- those are the circles I travel in..):

John Gollings


Peter Bennetts


Peter Clarke


I know Peter Clarke in particular uses the ocaissional strobe, but this is more for highlighting certain objects- not getting the overall exposure correct. He still stacks multiple exposures for this.

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