Backfocusing in Nikon 14-24/2.8

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Re: Backfocusing in Nikon 14-24/2.8

infobhan wrote:

So does the fine-tuning take care of the problem for you? I passed on the D7000 upgrade. I've been thinking seriously about the D600, in part because of the fine tuning, but have held off because of the dust/oil issue.


I have used my fine tuning for  some of my longer lenses, but not my 14-24.

However, if you enjoy Ultra-wide Angle (UWA) photography, I would definitely consider unlocking more of the potential of your 14-24 by using it on a D600 or another FX sensor DSLR.

The D600 sensor dirt/oil issue has more to do with how comfortable one is with sensor cleaning. After getting a D3, I became adept at sensor cleaning, and consider it a necessary but annoying skill one must have to shoot with a DSLR.


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