Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

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Re: Sony warranty repair: why erase all my settings if you're just fixing the grip?

turnstyle wrote:

Well that's nonsense. A service tech plugs the camera into a computer to flash the software. The process could retrieve and reapply settings, presumably adding at most second or so. Furthermore, firmware updates don't trash settings.

I don't get why your snitties are so ruffled up over nothing.

If somebody is about to send their camera in for service, it helps to know in advance that their settings might be erased.

It seems you don't have much of a clue as to how any product based industry works at all.  You think any company will be downloading thousands of settings into their server to save while working on the product and then restoring what maybe corrupted settings (as they may of been what was producing the problem) back into the camera after the repair has been done?  ...  Just reset to factory, fixes all these issues and prevents any kind of user installed virus to touch their systems.

The fact you're holding onto your absolutely terrible (notice no one agrees with it) analogy, your inability to understand your device is not a simple 'on/off' device, among all the other stances you've decided you make, just shows that you're not a typical end user.  The majority of us are GLAD you don't run a repair facility.

Just learn your lesson and deal with it, your continued stance against standard repair protocols isn't going to change it.  But now it's time to stop feeding this thread.

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