Rokinon 35f1.4 versus Sigma 30f1.4

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Re: Rokinon 35f1.4 versus Sigma 30f1.4

davidgp wrote:

Suave wrote:

But I thought Sigma and Rokinon cost roughly the same?

Sorry, my bad, I thought you were referring to the new Sigma 35f1.4 that the prior poster referenced.

So you'd go for the Sigma 30... is it the manual focus/aperture that turns you off? Do you have any expereince with the Sigma? If so, has the edge softness been a problem.


what are you shooting anyway?

If you're like me, not really needing AF, I think you'll be happier with the samyang.

I mainly shot foods and travel photos for my blog @, so I rarely need the AF except for some wedding/ event photo jobs. I'm now in the market for a nice 35mm, comparing the Samyang 35mm vs Sigma new 35mm.

I have a Sigma 50mm F1.4 and Carl Zeiss 50mm makro, and for the past year, ended up shooting 90% of my 50mm shots using the Carl Zeiss due to it's macro ability and sharper image.
I don't think you'll be having trouble if you're not rushed in your photo taking, live view works well for MF lenses.

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