Did I get a BAD 60D ?

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Lower your ISO and buy a better lens

1. You can't really complain about weird colors when you're shooting ISO 3200 ; chroma noise at this level is INSANE if you look at an untouched raw file - programs like Lightroom will generally apply a slight color noise reduction by default and so you generally never notice but even at ISO400 there is a lot of chroma noise - that's just the sensor technology.

2. The 18-135mm lens is not a particularly amazing piece of glass; your pictures look pretty sharp to me; you're not going to improve on that unless you go for better glass, even if it's a cheap prime lens. Grab a 28mm F2.8 or the newest version of the 18-55mm Kit lens - despite being inexpensive these are very sharp lenses which do great on aberration and purple fringing.

I don't think you got a "bad" 60D; I think you need to get used to shooting with your 60D. Learn the idiosyncrasies of the camera. I got a 60D in May and it took me about a month to really get used to it - and that was coming from a 500D and before that an Olympus E-520 so I wasn't new to DSLR cameras or anything.

As a fellow 60D owner I can give you some generic advice:

1. ISO 1600 is your friend, if you don't like to post-process in Lightroom or Photoshop, don't shoot at higher ISOs. You can still get usable images up until ISO 3200 but it WILL REQUIRE PROCESSING.

2. Get a few fast prime lenses. Invest in some lenses with apertures in the 1.2-2.8  range so that you can use lower ISO settings and get better foreground/background separation - you'll see what I mean when you try it. Portraits are much easier when you're not forced to shoot against really far away backgrounds to get a good blur effect.

3. Shoot RAW & learn how to use Lightroom. If you shoot RAW you're going to have to process a little but if you have the time, it's worth it. Lightroom is really cheap right now so if you want the most out of your images, this is the way to go. The 60D's Digic 4 processor pales in comparison to just about anything your computer will have in it; you're almost always going to be able to get sharper, cleaner images by processing RAW files out of camera.

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