It boils down to this.

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Re: So are you people just let kids shot dead? SHAME

RossAndrew wrote:

So is America just stand by and watch kids get shot?

You have to do some think , there has to be a generational change of attitude. I wonder if most Americans here realize just how the rest of the world is watching this time. 26, 20 of them are kids a couple of weeks out from Christmas. How many parents have all ready wrapped those presents. How can the rest us of out here be so sickened by this, but you can still ague about your rights, and come up with it can't be done.

What a weak bunch of pissants you all are... "The term is also used as an insulting noun,"


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You don't need a long neck to be a goose, do ya?

I'm fascinated by the passion with which folks from outside the U.S. want to fix the U.S. but seldom talk of their own countries problems.

It wouldn't occur to me to lecture an Australian on their record of deaths of people in police custody, or that 40% of fatal shooting victims by Australian police are mentally ill.

Or to lecture an Australian on their country's alcohol problems and related deaths and social cost of that.


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