Need your suggestion in first lens for wedding photography

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Re: Wedding Photography

Craig gave some good advice.

My wedding kit:

Two bodies.

three or four flashes (SB800 +2 SB600 +1 SB400 is my usual)

24-70 and 24-85 f/3.5-4.5 AFS as backup

70-200 VRII or Tokina 50-135 f/2.8 depending if I am shooting FX or DX.

85 f.1.8 G as a backup to the teles if one breaks.

extra batteries for both bodies. Sometimes I would shoot with grip and sometimes not. Grips are heavy.

4 CF and 4 SDHC cards

4 packs of 4 NiMH batteries in little cases ready to go. This in addition to the ones in the flashes

4 lens cloths, one in breast pocket, one in jacket pocket and one in each bag

tripod for posed shots

3 light stands, with weights to keep them from blowing over in the wind.

3 reversible umbrellas

various lighting cords, clamps and such in a lighting bag

2 rolls gaffer tape, black

Giottos rocket blower in the backpack

2 waist bags that I shoot out of

backpack that has secondary stuff.

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