Video editing, burning etc on a laptop?

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Re: It's the rendering

caterpillar wrote:

Multi-SportsMom wrote:

Wow I appreciate the detailed reply. I dont do alot of editing. It takes me about 4 hours from start to finish to make the first DVD. Most of the time it is the computer/software taking so long. What is taking it so long? I load the snips of the games from my video camera into the software, make a title and then start the "movie" process. Then pick the title theme/page and burn the first dvd.

No problem, my friend. Glad to be of help. That's what these fora are for

In your case, it seems straightforward. You shoot, you transfer You are constrained by cpu/gpu power. What you failed to mention are the ff:

  • your video clip is it a)mpeg2? b)720 HD? c)1080 HD (30p or 60p)

    1080HD(30 or 60, not sure)

  • In that 4 hours, how long is the original clip? clip is usually 2 hours or under.

  • your current equipment and specs (ram, cpu type/speed/cores, gpu) 4GB RAM

    Pentium Dual Core CPU E5300 @2.60GHz

  • your NLE software ?

All these have a bearing on how fast you can render video. Heaven forbid if you stil use tapes because that eats up a lot of time just trasfering footage. That's a 1:1 ratio! When we moved away from tape we saved a day's work at least on the transfer process alone, not to mention the lesser storage requirements of HD.

If it were my current notebook system, that 4 hours total you spend means my original footage is about 2 hours, maybe even 2:30 hours. If it is just a matter of converting to DVD, with no color correction or special filters/effects, I know I can render a 2 hour clip in maybe 1:40-1:50 hours with the title and ending titles included. Then burn it in about 12min to dvd. If your original footage to render is just 1 hour or less and it takes you for hours to do all that work, then you do need to upgrade.

Whether you get a desktop or laptop, get a quadcore model, preferably with a discrete video card that is openCL compatible. Minimum 4gb of ram, but since ram is cheap, make it 8gb. Go for an i7QM. That's the quad core version. There are some i7 that are only dual core. If you are in a budget, go for at least an i5.

Yes my wishlist is an i7 if not an i5 quad core. 8GB RAM with  1TB hard drive. video card is a toss up, not sure how much I need a good one.

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