It boils down to this.

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Other factors....

RossAndrew wrote:

It boils down to this. Is your right to have a gun, greater than the life of 20 kids

If I had the constitutional right to own a gun, I would give it up to save the lives of the next 20 children, at the next school yard massacre, and there will be another one.

The question is, would you save the lives of the next 20 children?

If it takes 50 years to get all guns out of public hands it would be worth it.

Zero guns = Zero shootings.


You don't need a long neck to be a goose, do ya?

We need an elevated national discourse regarding gun safety as well as other factors of violence in our society.

Simplistic thoughts like "zero guns=zero shootings" is not the solution.

All firearms are going away about the same time as all drugs are going away.

If all firearms were outlawed, there would be illegal ones manufactured.

Other factors:

-Mental Health services. In the U.S., private and public insurance coverage for Mental Health services has lagged significantly behind other types of Medical care.

-Portrayal of Violence in video games.

While most youths are not going to shoot someone because of a video game, a very small, but significant group of impressionable young males with pre-existing mental issues might be cued toward violence. Violent video games were a part of Breivik's (the Norway shooter) everyday life. he particularly liked games where shooting was simulated. Do we therfore ban all violent video games?

-Violence in the Media

Some would argue that we live in a world that has inherent elements of violence, and they'd be correct.

But there are ways that it can more properly be dealt with in the media. whether it is the News, TV programs, or motion pictures, our current media portrayal of violence is sometimes irresponsible and likely damaging.

I find it particularly irksome that some Motion Picture celebrities who portray violent characters profess to be anti-gun:

Reminds me of the Socialists who are for Socialism for "the people", but not when it comes to themselves.

Our own individual responsibilities as individual citizens, parents, friends, etc. How do we act when we see troubled individuals?

One of the more common experiences that these young male mass murders have in common is that they were bullied, ostracized, or abused while growing up. McVeigh, Breivik, the Columbine shooters.

Early recognition of at risk persons and then providing early treatment, help, therapy, etc.

To merely assault the second amendment, without considering the many other factors involved in mass shootings, would be a mistake.

This is a big damn problem and there is opportunity to improve matters, but also the risk of making other things worse.

Before we throw the second amendment out the window, we would do well to consider the second, third, and forth order unintended consequences of any action, no matter how well meaning it might appear on the surface.

I hope that those in positions of influence and authority have more sense and expertise than some of the positions stated in this forum.

Each country has unique circumstances, traditions, culture, and laws to deal with.

In the U.S. one of the challenges will be dealing with the violence problems while preserving liberty.


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