Fujifilm XE-1, turned to compete with Nex?

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Re: Fujifilm XE-1, turned to compete with Nex?

Einst Stein wrote:

XE and NEX are both mirror-less EVF cameras, both can take the legendary lenses such as LEICA, ZEISS, etc. The main difference is NEX has more advanced sensor, more MP while XE is using the sensor with unique array. It's pretty conclusive, according to some camera review sites, including dpreview, that given the same number of MP, Fuji's sensor shows less performance than the more standard sensor, although in real world the difference is tolerable.

At about the same price tag, NEX has about 50% more MP than XE. Where it's good or bad may be a subjective matter.

I also think the nex 6 and xe1 are the same category aimed at the same buyers. I am quite surprised how so many fuji users try to place the xe1 to be something different. It is the around $1000 magical price where people don't buy it by just seeing it in the store but instead make quite a certain decision what camera they want and need. The nex 6 has a lot of great things going for it as well as xe1.

I think if someone put the nex6 with the new small zoom next to xe1 with its zoom and let you work with it, lot of people so sure about fuji greatness will change their opinion. The overall operation and responsivnes of the Nex combined with much smaller factor makes it pretty hard not to like it. Seriously, I am not talking because I have some stake in sony, selling it or buying it. (I gave my A55 away though) But it is the fact, sony should not be discounted they are back at their game.

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