Why's there so many hateful voice about Sony SLT? Locked

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Re: Why's there so many hateful voice about Sony SLT?

There are many reasons of the "Canikon" reaction. (Yes, we invented a term for them.)

1. The aristocratic attitude, Canikon being the established brands, they will automatically think the rest are trash. You can secretly LOL for their ignorance of the Minolta heritage that they don't know about.

2. New kids on the block is usually being bullied.

3. Some are still living in the past. One clue is they still dress like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever garp.

4. Brainwashed by many myths so they cannont be opened minded about all the pros on SLT, in body stabilization etc.

There are those with C and N gear who truly know their gear that respect all the AF Zeiss optics, STF that are not available to them (yet). I would save some money, get any of the Zeiss 85 or 135 or 24-70 AF lens and most of them would shut up. Make sure you point out that any of them is now stabilized too! They might bash you some more but now you KNOW they are jealous.

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