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Disable Secure Boot...

jamesdak wrote:

Ok, I keep seeing these instructions and references about doing from the USB or DVD. I used Dell's recovery program to make my recovery DVDs. First off it needed 3 DVDs because it was over 11 GB. Then once I changed the boot sequence to the DVD drive and put in the first DVD all I get is an error stating "No bootable device available"

So what I am doing wrong. Sucks to have this computer just waiting to go and to be running into problems with what is supposed to be so simple. Has anyone actually did this off of DVD's?

And why can others get by with an 8GB USB Drive when it needed 11 GB when I created the recovery?

They probably just have more in the recovery partition now.

Anyway, make sure you're using the first DVD in the set (as that's probably the only one that's actually bootable).

If so, then you probably have a newer machine with Secure Boot enabled by default.

That's a feature Microsoft implemented in Windows 8, and it's going to prevent you from booting into anything other than a properly installed and signed Operating System using a key from Microsoft.

More about Secure boot here:

But, you can disable it in BIOS (which is what you'll probably need to do in order to boot into the Dell Datasafe Recovery disks).   You'll also need to disable it to boot into other third party backup and restore programs, virus scanners with boot disks, linux distros, etc.    Basically, it's a "pain in the rear" and a lot of people are upset about it.

See pages 363 and 364 of this guide for how to disable Secure Boot in your BIOS

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