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Re: Suggestions for Monolights

Sailor Blue brings up a good point about durations.

The irony is that for the most part, people are rarely stopping action with studio strobes. In sports arenas a very popular kit is the Dynalite product that even has an Arena series of flash with a shorter duration at 1/3200 sec.

The Einstein does provide astonishingly short durations but at very low output. A Speedlight can give you 1/40,000 sec at 1/128 sec.

That's why the super speed images are done in a blacked out room. Any ambient would blow out the exposure at the settings needed for decent exposures at those power levels.

In contrast, I have needed full power to overcome the sun which comes with the additional bonus of a brief duration. This has been useful at times but not too many times.

As you are a location shooter I would suspect you will rarely be working at the low end of the power range.

Another subtlety of the Einstein is that as it is microprocessor controlled it can be switched on remotely via the plug-in trigger/receiver. Fairly useful. Power levels can also be adjusted via the Cyber Commander.

The problem arises when one is not using the CC and is also using the Vagabond. I like to set my power settings on location with the power switch on and the battery off. I then power up the strobe with the battery switch. This is especially useful when the strobe is at 13 feet high. The Einstein need to powered up by pushing the power button and cannot be powered up by the battery power switch. A small but annoying thing in the field. It is also significantly heavier and has a glass dome over the tube that wants to fall off and break.

The Bees can take the rough and tumble of location life better than the Einstein and are a more convenient form factor than the WLs.

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