Some (full size) 06 Tele zoom lens pics (19 of them)

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Re: Some (full size) 06 Tele zoom lens pics (19 of them)

Jack Simpson wrote:

for the full album, click the link below. these are from the card to the DPR album and that's it -- no resizing, aside from whatever DPR does, no cropping, no nuthin' ............... and, trust me, there's more than a few that, the lack of fiddling, is painfully obvious .... even the "none Pixel Peepers" ;D

I will, however, mention a few things about a few of the pictures --

1) the profile picture of the young lady was shot through two(2) panes of glass

2) the guy with the glasses (on back of head) was shot through one(1) pane of glass whilst he was moving at a decent clip

3) The majority of the pics were shot at 1600 ASA, one 800 ASA and a few -- " no parking bum" and "light betwixt clouds" -- were at 125 0 250 ASA

Look and critique to your hearts content .... if you going to critique .... tell what you don't like, what you might have done differently, how might crop 'em. You know, pretend your the Photo Editor of pick your favourite "magazine/newspaper/photo comp/etc ....



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It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one is doing

Looking good, I think the Q is great for what it is, considering the size of the sensor. I am thinking about getting the 06 zoom, it seems very good for night shooting, with good flare resistance judging from these photos. 02 is also very resistant to lens flare in my testing, this is a good sign. I experimented with Q picture settings, it seems to me the midtones are boosted too much in default settings (JPEG), so I dropped low/high key setting to -2, saturation -1 (in bright), contrast +1, and sharpness 0. After this adjustment, high ISO noise grain pattern became smoother and finer in texture, and exposures are more correct with less EV comp needed. The Q turned out to be surprisingly good camera, looks are deceiving.

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