Confused between 60D, 7D and Nikon D7000

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Re: Confused between 60D, 7D and Nikon D7000

ankydu1 wrote:

Now I have realized that the kind of picture I am looking for can only get with a DSLR camera.

Here's your first mistake - thinking that you needed a DSLR for any one particular type of picture. If you want a DSLR that's fine, they make it a lot easier to have absolute control over your images, but I guarantee you that I can take a decent Point & Shoot (In the $200-$400 range) and reproduce just about any type of image you've seen taken with a DSLR. Photography is an Art and the person behind the lens is the one who controls the final output; his or her tools only affect how much work must be put in to obtain those results.

It's ridiculous to say that the 60D's images were dull or dark when you're just messing with cameras in a show room. For all you know you just had the brightness of the LCD turned down on the 60D and not the 7D. These cameras have the exact same sensor and same image processor (admittedly the 7D has 2 but it doesn't make a huge difference in image quality).

The primary advantages of the 7D are its amazing auto-focus, superior build quality and dual-processor performance. Aside from those three things, it's essentially the same camera as the 60D, in fact the 60D has better video options and is compatible with the unofficially supported Magic Lanturn firmware which opens up a whole new world of options.

If you want to shoot at high FPS and take photos of sports, wildlife or other subjects that require speed and precision, the 7D is what you should aim for and you should just keep saving money until you can afford a decent, fast lens.

If general photography, portraits, macro, weddings/events and that sort of thing will make you happy, I would go with the 60D because it's affordable, capable and will allow you to invest more money into lenses (lenses are forever, bodies are old before they hit the shelves).

The Nikon is also a good camera; it just depends on which one has the controls, ergonomics and layout that you like; apart from that there's no discernible difference in image quality - Nikon and Canon are both at the top because they're both excellent.

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