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Re: This is a private owned site. They moderate it as they want...

Simon Joinson wrote:

Graystar wrote:

But these recent changes have made the forum tedious to use, and this "mod" thing is annoying as well, and will likely cause me to make even fewer posts.

Why? Because if you call someone a **** or spam us you might be more quickly moderated?

If that's all they were doing then it would be fine.  But I've already had a post removed that didn't fall into those categories because it was a response to some other post that was removed (and removed by someone who I consider a questionable choice as a mod.)  That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me feel like not posting.

DPReview staff has done this to me as well with comments...removing comments I made that didn't violate any rule, other than to point out some mistake DPReview had made.  Correcting the mistake warrants a reply to my comment...not the removal of it (especially when it takes all the "likes" with it.)

I hope DPReview gets the returns it's expecting from these changes, 'cause they're certainly not going to get, from me, more of the revenue-boosting type of content they desire.\

Out of interest, what possible commercial benefit could be gained by adding some (long requested by a lot of people) new moderators?

If you're adding mods then it must be an attempt to make the forums "nicer" which appeals to more people which increases traffic which increases traffic based revenue, along with more chance of people clicking on camera links to Amazon for purchases.  And I seriously doubt you needed that explained to you.

We are actively trying to make the forums better. That's all.

It's great that you want to make things better.  But like the forum updates so vividly doesn't always work out that way.

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