4/3 lenses a lot sharper?

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Re: 4/3 lenses a lot sharper?

Merlijn53 wrote:

Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3


Yes, that's true, but it makes me wonder why there are no m4/3 alternatives (well it looks like that). I suppose the 4/3 system looks almost dead and m4/3 is selling well. Is it a technical problem? Smaller bajonet and smaller distance between lens and sensor? The prime lenses seem to be a lot better, but the zoom lenses...

m4/3 is about as mature as a bratty teenager who thinks he knows the world, but actually doesn't.

The m4/3 version of lenses are not built to the same specs as the 4/3 peers.  they are essentially *not* peers, of the SHG lenses.  They are probably peers to the HG lenses, but dispite the similarity in zoom range.  The 4/3 versions are sharper. They're brighter.  That's because they were purpose-built to support their e-series right up to the top flight bodies.  The m4/3 platform, Oly has point-blank stated the m4/3 target, and that they have yet to produce one that could be considered a peer addressing the same target market as the E-5.  When they come out with a system targeting that, that's when we see a refresh to their lens lineup.

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