Citizen with concealed weapon stopped mall gunman

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There are more, way more law abiding and responsible citizens carrying guns than crazy madmen like school killer Adam Lanza. Do not crucify these law abiding citizens by taking their rights to own or carry guns!

No gunman at the mall.

Breivik is a right winger,


A "Right-winger" raised by abusive liberal parents who he resented..

Both are largely irrelevant. But your insinuation is disgusting.

No political party, either left or right, was responsible for the Norway murders. But Breivik's personality disorder(s) (Asberger's, Toutette's Narcissitic personality disorder, paranoid psychosis?) likely were. Concerns about Breivik's mental Health were noted early, and at age four underwent psychological evaluation.

Even though he bought his guns through legal channels, his years of planning, resources, and above average intellect would have allowed him to procure firearms eventually, even if all firearms had been banned in Norway (he had already procured illegal explosives).


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