Finally: Sony filed a patent for a flip up SLT

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Re: Finally?!

Yes, Cyan, but the patent was published just last week. This is somewhat after the normal 18-month period after filing. I believe this often indicates that the filer is about to use the patent in a product. Certainly Andrea at SAR took it to mean this, especially since he has just been getting fresh rumors that Sony will soon introduce a camera using such a system. Could be that Sony has finally worked out issues re the system.

In any case, though it may be that the SLT is a step on the way to mirrorless, in the long run, I believe there are real indications that Sony has big plans for the SLT system. The combination PDAF system in the A99 is, I suspect, a serious breakthrough that will usher in real breakthoughs in focusing, especially when combined with a better follow-focus system. Then, in turn, combine this with a translucent mirror that can be locked up, and Sony may be able to leapfrog past Nikon and Canon. That's their goal.

cyainparadise wrote:

Dirk W wrote:

According to Sonyalpharumors, Sony has filed a patent for a flip-up SLT. Interesting read, since they describe the disadvantages of the SLT such as light loss and other optical issues with the SLT in their patent application.

Sony filed the patent back in 2009.

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