Fuji X series and their lack of weather sealing

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Re: Fuji X series and their lack of weather sealing

Rod McD wrote:


The small size of the X series makes them well suited to travel, hiking and landscape photography. It's in that usage that environmental sealing against water and dust is at its most valuable. They are also premium cameras with a premium price, and in that price range (and cheaper), one can find a number of DSLRs that are weather sealed. They share this omission with all the Panasonic and Sony mirrorless cameras at the present time, including Sony's flagship NEX7. Only the OMD is WR.

Am I the only one in the forum who is somewhat disappointed by the lack of weather resistance in the Fuji cameras? It rarely seems to rate a mention. It's not a deal-breaker, but it's certainly a flaw that I accept with some reluctance. I feel that Fuji should be strongly encouraged to introduce WR as a feature in all the X series upgrades. I accept that it would add to cost, but why should premium mirrorless buyers have to accept greater exposure of their cameras to these risks?

Anyone feel the same?


All my cams are sealed.  Fuji are being a bit cheap here.

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