The N1 sensor in the real world?

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Re: The P7100's secret weapon

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No comparison.

See this sample.

With a f1/8 lens, N1 can be held to ISO 400 for most indoor social scenes. It's almost as good as D300 at low ISO. For best results, shoot in RAW with NR off and tweak accordingly.

The P7100 has a feature called BSS which dates back as early as the 900 series 'twisty' cams. BSS (Best Shot Selector) rapidly takes as many as 10 shots while you hold down the shutter button, keeping only the sharpest shot in the series. In the old days, this was all we had instead of VR/IS and actually worked quite well. Now combined with the P7100's VR, it makes hand-held, low ISO/low shutter speed shooting a reality, better than just VR itself. It is a very welcome feature, which I last used on my Nikon 990. The N1 really should have come with this feature (unless I missed it).

From the Nikon V1 manual:

Smart Photo Selector Mode

Choose Smart Photo Selector mode for photos that capture a fleeting expression on the face of a portrait subject or other hard-to-time shots such as group photos in party scenes. Each time the shutter is released, the camera automatically selects the best shot and four best shot candidates based on composition and motion.

If I understand correctly, Smart Photo is based on assessing the subject matter of the image rather than being based on a purely technical measurement of sharpness regardless of content.

Not according to the DPR review which states this:

"Smart Photo Selector mode is a kind of 'super' auto mode which takes 20 images at 60 fps. It then selects, based on composition and sharpness, the five 'best' and saves them on the memory card. The very best image (in the camera's opinion) is displayed in review mode, and by pressing the OK button you can view the other four saved images, and change your favorite if you disagree with the camera's judgement.

In practice the system works well but is far from perfect. Often the image that is displayed in review mode is not necessarily the one that we would have chosen. It appears the system prioritizes image sharpness over a subject's open eyes while often it's probably easier to live with a small amount of blur than a subject with closed eyes. That said, in reality this is not much of a problem as you can manually review the four additional images which have been saved by the camera and pick the one you like best."

I don't know if BSS is the same, but you do lose a lot of control as soon as you turn the dial to SPS, and you have to use auto-everything.

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