Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Re: Opps; My bad..........

DFPanno wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

...Thanks for the head-start.

My poor M-N has been siting in the closet for years on my old Ftn.

Nikkormat Ftn... It uses normal (pre-Ai) F-mount. So maybe you are not talking about the industrial ultra-micro-nikkor 55mm f2, but the (also lovely) micro-Nikkor auto 55mm f3.5?

For this lens you need a F-mount to EF mount adapter. The old version with metal scalloped metal focus ring is super sharp at macro and close up distances, with lovely bokeh. A really nice lens which is much easier to use and more versatile than the ultra micro nikkor I was posting about.

For the 55mm f3.5 micro you need something like this:


You have helped me give it a second life !

Best !


Your are right; I forgot the max aperture was 3.5.

Please forgive me for wasting you time !

No worries! The outcome is the same: you have a nice 55mm macro lens, which now will get some use on your 5Dmk III! And now you know which kind of adpater you need to give it a 2nd life.

I've never heard of the lens you are refering to and mistook it for my own.

The lens you have is a lovely lens still, which can still compete with modern day macro lenses. It does 1:2 magnification, and with its Nikkor M extension tube it will do 1:1 (if you happen to also have that extension tube). I measured mine (I also have this 55mm f3.5, with Nikkor M extension tube) and it is 21 or 22mm.. So if you do not have the tube, you can use any Canon extension tube around that size and reach 1:1 with the lens. All you will need is one of those F to EF mount adapters, which do not cost much.

Your images have a very unique look to them.

Thanks... the 55mm f3.5 also has a very nice look/rendering in its images. It is also one of the sharpest macro lenses one can own still, so by all means give it a chance with an adapter like the one I linked to in the post above.

My apologies again.

No problem, really. Enjoy your lovely 55mm f3.5!


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