Kiosk Prints Reprocessed?

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Re: Kiosk Prints Reprocessed?

I used to think my favorite big box warehouse store did a nice job on small prints and enlargements, then quality took a turn for the worse. I've tried again several times. Still the same old bad quality. Mind you, I thought they were just bad shots - they looked good on my monitor. I have a Canon printer, but it costs over 2.5X what it is at the big box stores. It's not just the big box stores- nobody else does a good job printing. Maybe I have become more discerning. Well, I printed some enlargement on my all-in-one Canon PM970 and they blew the store prints out of the water. I'm now sold on doing my own prints, even if it does cost a lot more. I want quality.

Which brings me to the new printer I just purchased. I picked it up off ebay. It's a brand new Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark ll. I paid $127.50 + $55.00 shipping. Ebay is flooded with these brand new printers due to Canon's summer rebate program. Seems a lot of folks don't print their photos but they love their new cameras complete with rebate. The program was - buy an SLR and Printer - get a $400.00 American Express gift card. People could buy the printer and camera on Amazon for a good price and get the $400.00 rebate - sell the printer on ebay and come out ahead $200.00. This printer currently is selling from various vendors on Amazon for around $449.00. I think I made out. Canon made out too because I'm still going to buy ink cartidges. Anyway I haven't hooked the printer up yet but I expect it blow my MP970 away - at least I hope it does. If not I will still be able to go larger than 8X10.

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