D800 4K Time Lapse in Hawaii (and some photos)

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Re: Timelapse Shooting Technique

noirdesir wrote:

Peter Patricelli wrote:

One possibly important note. Triggertrap, an app for iphones (pods/pads) is FREE, will manage all the interval shooting (but then I think, in the D800, one sacrifices the in camera video out...would just get all the individual pictures, but DOES have the all the variable exposure shifting over the course of the time lapse. The app is FREE (at least til Xmas). On must buy a dongle and camera-specfic shutter cord (@ $30) and they cover all the major camera brands.

I see they have bulb ramping but one 'merely' following a pre-defined ramp not based on any light measurements.

My understanding is that it is impossible to do true bulb ramping with Nikons because even in bulb mode the shutter can only in third step increments unless you use a really complicated work around (see http://www.elysiavisuals.com/content/bulb-ramping-nikon-dslr-technical-story).  I'd love for someone to tell me otherwise though.

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