A lot of D600 oil/dust spots but what to do? Is there a guide?

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Re: A lot of D600 oil/dust spots but what to do? Is there a guide?

I'm assuming that's at 400% or greater?  And I'm assuming that it appears regardless of which lens you're using (because it can be a spot on the lens itself; if you have only one lens clean it first).  If both of those are yes, I'd say it's shaped like an oil spot but they're generally darker in the center than at the edge.  One large spot like that's a bit unusual, too.  And I'm assuming that you've already had the camera clean its image sensor (und the  SET UP MENU).  Already, I've made enough assumptions to make an a$$ of myself.  But if the spot persists despite swapping/cleaning lenses and the camera can't shake it off, I'd first attempt to blow it off with a large blower with the camera in "Lock Up Mirror for Cleaning" (in the set up menu).  A large blower is about $10 on Amazon and it's a great investment regardless of the camera.  Make sure it's a large, and make sure you never touch the sensor when blowing into the camera.  If the spot persists you have two choices:  if you're patient or clumsy just send it in for a cleaning.  If your impatient but dextrous buy a sensor cleaning kit and follow the directions exactly.  Make sure the kit is for a full sized sensor and get an established brand.  Lots of pro's clean their sensors on a regular basis.  Takes a couple of minutes and it inspires love for your camera.

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