Help Buying an External Flash for the Canon T2i.

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Re: Help Buying an External Flash for the Canon T2i.

BobT wrote:

Would it be possible to explain just how you set a manual flash....such as your 383?

What do you need to know, and what sort of settings are there to manipulate?

Just a brief how-to would be VERY helpful and much appreciated. Thank you.

A simple way to set a manual flash is to remember the formula:  GN = f X y where GN is the guide number of your flash, f = f/stop, and y = subject distance. Most manual flashes have a table on the back of the flash for calculating the proper aperture at various distances.  Select a shutter speed less than the camera's FP Synch speed (1/200 sec for Canon Rebels) and fast enough to freeze the action.  For a person sitting in a chair, use at least 1/30 sec SS.  For a group of people standing still, use 1/60 to 1/125 sec. SS.  If antsy children are involved, use 1/200 sec SS.  Keep in mind that the faster the shutter speed, the darker the background will be.

For example:

A Sunpak Digital Flash with a GN 52 (ft) or 16 (m) were used to take a number of sample shots. This is a very small and cheap flash that has a exposure table on its back panel as shown below.

The flash is mounted in a FZ-10 and the flash-subject distance is 6 feet. Since the GN at ISO 100 is 52, the lens aperture should be 52/6 = F8.7 to yield well-exposed results. If the ISO is set to 50, the lens aperture should be 1 stop larger (i.e., F6+) to compensate the slower ISO speed. The above table shows approximately the same results.

More info here:

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