small greenscreen lighting question

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small greenscreen lighting question

Hey guys, 
I've been reading alot about setting up a lighting solution for a small greenscreen that will be attached behind myself, however I have not been able to find a suitable enough answer for my situation.

Basically, I have a small greenscreen that is situated behind me on a wall, it is 1.5 meters in width and 1 meter in length. The size of it is just perfect for what i need it for, which is recording 'facecam' style videos. however I am stuck as to what kind of lighting i would need to buy for this.

At first i have thought about work lights, since I have seen a few youtubers recommending them, and i found some at extremely cheap prices, however after some research I have come to a conclusion that they are not good as they produce horizontal lines on camera due to the mains frequency.

Now I'm leaning more towards the fluorescent tube lights. Only problem is, i have no clue as to what wattage or what size would be enough in my case.

I have found a few lights that I could buy, however I need some advice on which one would be the right one. Just to point out, I'm looking for the cheapest and best solution i can find.



I am no expert on lights and wattage, however from what i have been reading, i would need 2 lights, either on the sides or on top and bottom of the greenscreen, and with 2 lights the 20W choice might be slight overkill for the small space that i have behind me. And people seem to say that the small 8W lights are fairly bright aswell which might just be good enough.

I know that this is a really 'beginner' kind of question but i would appreciate any kind of input that the more experienced people might have on this forum.

Thank you in advance,


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