No LSF on my OMD?

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Re: Fine/SuperFine etc

Guy Parsons wrote:

In the past many found (with all Oly cameras) that the Super Fine setting compared to Fine setting gave so little difference as to be not really noticeable or not worth the extra storage space involved... If really worried about every last little pixel then RAW is the way to go...

Some E-M5 links on my page .

Thanks, Guy. Point well taken -- and it's an impressive list of links you provide (I'll do some exploring there as I get to know the new camera). Still, whether or not it was essential for me to dig LSF out of the depths of the menu melange, doing so should not have presented so great a challenge (not even if it was only me and the OP who needed guidance). If Olympus was trying to tell me that LF is entirely adequate, and that SuperFine is mostly superfluity, it would have been nice if they'd said that somewhere, rather than hide what (as I argued earlier) should be a basic and readily accessible option. Ah, well, one of these weeks I'll move beyond the menu buttons and start to use the shutter button...

Thanks again for your response. It really is appreciated.


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