Bayer filter and human vision

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Re: Bayer filter and human vision

nitt wrote:

The tones of green channel resemble the composite most, no doubt about that. So the green is most important channel and camera underexposes reds and blues and then pulls them up to the level of green. Aren't we losing lot of information in reds and blues this way?

Emulating human vision using man-made technology is by no means an easy task - Bayer technology is only one of them and yes, it is a technological compromise. Colourwise it's not perfect, thus research goes no. Foveon technology  would offer your curiosity somewhat better logical satisfaction as "less lost" in the process, though again the top layer is dedicated to green colour as designers were aware the losses of signal in following layers is much greater, deeming R & B as "less important" colours. If we add Fuji SCCD approach, it is important saying all these technological variances  rely on algorithms  how to interpret information coming down the pipelines from these monochrome separation, presenting result to be judged by our eyes, not only from the point of colour but perspective, focus and other bits which make the eyes so amazing and incomparable to the devices we know as camera. I bet the Creator is laughing his a$$ off saying "beat me, if you can".

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