Anyone seen comparison images between sel1650 kit lens and sigma 30mm 2.8?

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Re: test - SEL5018 lags behind?

captura wrote:

The very big advantage that m43 has over NEX is their quantity and quality of lenses. You can't change that by making mis-statements. Sony NEX has the advantage of a bigger sensor but they lose a lot of sales by not providing an adequate basis of good lens. That, outside of this forum, is well acknowledged. Instead of beating up on members who don't always pray at the altar of Sony, owners should be putting the pressure on the Sony company to rectify the situation.

There are few MFT lenses that can even be called adequate - almost the entire MFT lens line depends heavily on in-camera correction, due to mediocre basic optical quality .

The assumed quality of MFT lenses is a myth , with only a few exceptions .

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