Sold Xe-1 and got the OMD

Started Dec 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Iceman1973 OP Regular Member • Posts: 216
Re: Sold Xe-1 and got the OMD

Small world indeed mate. I did get the OMD with the Sigma 30 included in my swap. But I'm still on the lookout for the x100 awaiting my Xmas bonus (if there is one!!!) I know I'll be getting the X100 before adding another lens to the OMD.

Hope you enjoy your one. And that reminds me to send over to Oly for my 45 1.8.

The OMD feels really good in the hand. Weight is just right (ala e-p2 like). I've still to do some daylight testing but it's not like I have much choice now. I'm sure it will be fine - but nothing like fuji IQ - I've been testing and playing with the gradation settings to see which would be best, and I'm seeing some serious arifacts in shadows - but I can live with it, it's wrong to expect a rose to be a sunflower - they both different.

Have a great Xmas - hope to chat soon again.


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