4/3 lenses a lot sharper?

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Re: 4/3 lenses a lot sharper?

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Merlijn53 wrote:

alex2b wrote:

You are aware that the 12-60 is as expensive (or even more expensive) than the 14-150 and the 9-18 combined? The 12-60 is a (near) professional lens, and Olympus has not yet released an equivalent for m4/3.

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I know, but I got them both used. But that's not my point.

I have the OM-D for about six months and the lenses a lot longer for my Pen. I'm very pleased with the camera, but I always had the idea that there was more in it than these lenses gave me. Now I know it's there.

Generally, usually I expect more performance from a lens that costs twice as much as another lens in the same range. Maybe that's just me though.


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Yes, that's true, but it makes me wonder why there are no m4/3 alternatives (well it looks like that). I suppose the 4/3 system looks almost dead and m4/3 is selling well. Is it a technical problem? Smaller bajonet and smaller distance between lens and sensor? The prime lenses seem to be a lot better, but the zoom lenses...

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