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Re: This is a private owned site. They moderate it as they want...

Barrie Davis wrote:

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

This is a private owned site. They moderate it as they want.

We, users of the site can express our opinions as you are doing now, and at most just to let the site if we strongly disagree with their criterions.

But the bottom line is: yes, their mod can do all are you talking about.

IMO the site is great if you consider it is free of charge.

Free or not... (I have paid in the past) ... I'm beginning to feel that the price of coming here is RISING!

I agree.  I, for one, used to make many more posts than I currently do.  I have thousands of helpful posts...the kind of posts that people come to forums for, when looking for information and advice (and the kind that boosts DPReview forum usage, and by extension, the value of the advertising space they sell.)  But these recent changes have made the forum tedious to use, and this "mod" thing is annoying as well, and will likely cause me to make even fewer posts.  I hope DPReview gets the returns it's expecting from these changes, 'cause they're certainly not going to get, from me, more of the revenue-boosting type of content they desire.

The forum has more traffic than all other forums out there.  So what does DPReview do?  They make changes (and poorly executed changes to boot.) I just don't understand it.

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