Digital vs Film LENSES

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Some examples

Lenses are lenses. The different formats have somewhat different challenges for the lens designer, but then different focal lengths have different challenges on one format. A lens from any format can be excellent or poor. My experience with 35mm through 4x5 has been that the lens quality varies as much within the format as from format to format. I've done a few shots with various format lenses on a D800E. Here are some samples.

Rig for using a Schneider APO 210mm f/5.6 lens with a D800E

Shot done with the above rig:

Schneider APO 210mm @ f/8. See orignial size

I've also tried some of my 1980 vintage Pentax 645 lenses on the D800E with an adaptor. Here are two of the sharpest. In both, the corners are about as sharp as the center. This isn't surprising since they are designed to cover a 60x45mm frame. Some of my other 645 lenses are not nearly as good. The 200mm is rather poor.

Pentax 645 75mm

Pentax 645 35mm

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