Is Pan 14-45 sharper than 14-42 or PZ 14-42?

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Re: Any issues in using PZ 14-42?

sanath444 wrote:

Robert Deutsch wrote:

I had the 14-45 on the G3 (I never had the 14-42 kit lens, which was generally regarded as inferior to the 14-45, and certainly feels much cheaper in construction) and compared it with the 14-42x. The 14-42x was slightly sharper at 14mm and a bit softer at 42mm. Since I use the short focal lengths much more than longer ones, my preference overall was for the 14-42x, and I liked the smaller size. I traded in the G3/14-45 on a GX1/14-42x for very little difference in cost.. I now use the 14-42x on the OM-D, and it works even better than it did on the GX1.


Any issues in using PZ 14-42x? Is zooming awkward?

Most of my shots are at 14mm, with 42mm the second-most-frequently used, so zooming method is not much an issue for me.  If you're used to making minute adjustments of the zoom, then the more traditional method of zooming is more convenient.  Otherwise, it's just one of the quirks that I find I have to get used to with any camera.

If you read the postings from the time the 14-42x was released, you'll see a lot of comments about certain shutter speeds resulting in blurring  when using IS.  I've never found this to be as much of a problem as some people, and 14mm was immune to this issue, but with the GX1 I made it a practice to turn off IS unless the shutter speed was slow enough to need it.  In a few tests I did with the 14-42x on the OM-D at 1/160 (considered to be a problematic shutter speed with the GX1), there was no problem, so I'm keeping IBIS on unless I have the camera on a tripod.  If you're ultra critical, you may find a benefit to turning off IBIS at fast shutter speeds, but that may be true for all lenses and regardless of the method of image stabilization.  In any case, turning IBIS on and off is very easy.


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