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Re: Do mods get paid ?

gl2k wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

gl2k wrote:

If not : To me it's pretty hard to understand how someone invests his/her spare time to "work" for free for a multi-million dollar company.

Why someone would work free of charge? To make the world a better place perhaps. Unless there are some working hour demands, and you simply MUST be at work all the time between certain hours or days you can't really consider it as work. It's more like extending the hobby/interest we have and trying to make this place a better place to be. Nothing wrong with doing some unpaid work now and then, IMHO.

Very generous. If dpreview were a charity or non-profit making website I would agree. Though ... it is far from that. As owned by Amazon ... well just look yourself.

2011 revenues at Inc. totaled $48.1B

Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon ...

Forbes Lists

That said : The mods are working for free for a 48 billion $ company and a guy who is #11 on Forbes 400 list.

why should this be a problem to you?

mods have kindly accepted to fulfill the role and you should thank them, support them and wish them luck.

To me, the only drawback of having the mods being unpaid and publicly named is that they may suffer pressure, abuse or other unpleasant things that could make their role unappealing and as a result they could bail-out. I therefore hope that, as a community, we will respect them whether we agree or disagree  with them.

And should there be in the future series of mods resignations because of 'fed-upism', the site  owners may end up having to pay mods or make them anonymous.

And with regards to Bezos, his business or ethics, they should be an inspiration to you to achieve great things. Instead I feel jealousy in your words. And btw, may be you should thank Mr Bezos and his business for giving you a platform that is free to express yourself on a subject that matters to you. As a result, the way he funds it or runs it should be respected (as long as it is ethical of course...).

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