Capture One vs. Lightroom

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Re: Capture One vs. Lightroom

I bought C1 when v7 came out.

I have been using Aperture for 2 years, LR for 2 years and now I am between LR and C1...

I have always found that LR's color rendition is suboptimal, the worst thing beeing the highlight rendition around yellow areas. C1 (and Aperture) have always been ultra smooth with that. There is nothing to do with LR, though "Camera" profiles are a bit better. If you try to profile your camera, colors are great but highlights even worse (I have been testing Colorchecker, QPcard, and even profiles I tweaked directly in XML).

C1's colors are great but I would no say accurate (especialy in light greens with my D800, they are getting reddish). I has its rendition, like it or not. But highlights rolloff is very smooth. Also the color correction tool is much more powerful, but LR's one is easier.

As for details, C1 may have a little bit more in some cases.

Regarding tone editing, LR is still the king by a margin I think. C1 7 has been greatly improved, but the HDR controls look like HDR, with some halos (like Aperture) and too much clarity added. One may like it but with LR you have the choice to do something natural, with C1 it is more difficult.

As for being a DAM, no question, LR is best but C1 is promising.

No soft is better... I am very annoyed by LR's color rendition (last week I was at a contest were I was saying "thanks LR" at every sunset photo with the famous LR orange ring...), but tonal controls are the best and it is a real DAM. C1 may be slightly better in quality for easier pictures.

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