SEL 1018 with Sony NEX 7 - link to samples

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Re: SEL 1018 with Sony NEX 7 - link to samples

I agree with everything Laurie says.   The 10-18 is not as good on the 7 as it is on the 16mp cameras but it is still good and will only sometimes require a little extra pp.

I understand that it is frustrating that Sony couldn't do a better job of designing the 10-18 with the NEX 7 since the 7 is the camera most likely to be paired with the 10-18 IMO.   However, the reality is that the 10-18 will be around long after the 7 has been replaced by the 8, 9, etc so it needed to be designed based on the long term.

If my job was to design a 10-18 for the NEX line there is no way I would sacrifice size, weight, price or anything else to optimize it for only the NEX 7 -- it just doesn't make long term sense.  Instead, I would give a nasty look to the NEX 7 design team for putting me in this position while I tried to optimize the performance as best I could while anxiously awaiting the NEX 7 replacement.  In the meantime I would be satisfied knowing that I designed a stellar lens for the rest of the current and future NEX cameras.

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