Questions to forum members and administrators?

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Re: Questions to forum members and administrators?

digititus wrote:

Can a Mod who has routinely boasted of having nearly thirty people on his "ignore" list be unbiased in his actions?

There doesn't seem to be anything in the Forum Rules to prevent this and I guess that dpreview is free to decide it's own rules.  The Moderater's and Administrator's rules are unpublished, so we don't know if it's against the related rules.

If you're asking a wider, moral question, it seems that in most countries where we may be tried in a court of law and judged by a jury of our peers, we get to have some say if we think that a juror is, or might be biased against us.  Of course, dpreview are not bound by rights accepted under law and fought for over many generations.

Should a Mod be permitted to delete messages with multiple "thumbs up" that break no rules?

The "multiple 'thumbs up'" only has relevance in that a comment receives support from other members, but has no relevance on whether it had broken the rules.  If you've checked the 22 Forum Rules carefully and can see that none have been broken, then, NO, a Mod should not be permitted to delete such messages.

Should a Mod be permitted to issue "warnings" to a member for questioning the actions of the Mod?

Rule 2. States that, "Posts discussing moderator actions are not allowed and will be deleted."  According to this rule, they don't even need to issue a warning, they can just delete the post.  Whilst the rule stinks of totalitarianism, maybe it would be wiser to attempt a dialogue with the Mod via PM, as some people are very sensitive to what they will take as personal criticism and with Mod powers will be able to silence you.  Hopefully, if you go one on one with the Mod via PM, they will respect your private approach and be reasonable in response and most definitely should not fob you off, if contacted this way.  Here's hoping.

Should someone be given the powers of a Mod when they have themselves resorted to name calling and other rules infractions prior to receiving their new found powers?

Same answer as for your first question.

Should the power to ban a member rest with a Mod, or should the third strike (if that is what it is) rest with a higher authority?

Rule 1. Seems to give them this power.  Whether it's right or not, again dpreview are not bound by the accepted mores of modern society, so they can do what they want.

What was the selection basis for the Mods?

This has not been published to the best of my knowledge, but I believe that the first requirement is a pulse, as they clearly need volunteers and I do believe that moderation, with a light touch, is a requirement for this type of forum.

Will the performance of Mods be reviewed?

Who knows, as again, this has not been disclosed, to my knowledge.

Are over-zealous and biased Mods healthy for the forums and business model?

In my experience, if you don't allow constructive criticism, debate, disagreement and the concept of challenging ideas and preconceptions, you always end up with declining standards, the acceptance of the status quo and mediocrity.  Let's hope that they don't prove to be over-zealous and biased, as if so, many of the best and most useful contributors will leave and the descent into mediocrity will accelerate.

I suspect the answers to these questions will become readily apparent when I am banned. I've already received two warnings in the last twelve hours for similar messages. Whether or not I am banned, I will not be spending much time here (or the Sony forum) until there are some changes!

If you're banned, my responses will most likely get me banned also, which would be a shame all around, but if you cannot challenge and question, then what is the point!

I do feel, however, that the level of abuse and aggression on this site, had to be addressed.  Let's hope that the new setup beds down nicely, after a few teething issues.

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